Best Laid Plans


In this message, Dr. David Jordan shares with us from Acts 16:1-10 in a story about the missional plans of the early church and how they're creatively displayed throughout Acts. What can we learn from the early church's missional vision? How have Baptist missions reflected this? How might we reorient ourselves to demonstrate to others that God loves them?

Shut the Front Door

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In this message, Rev. Kristen Koger shares with us from Acts 12:6-17 about the story of Peter being miraculously busted out of prison by an angel. The story has some incredible parallels with that of Jesus during his last days. It also has a relevant, meaningful message for us today.

Struggling with Prejudice

Struggling with Prejudice Sermon.jpg

In this message from Dr. David Jordan, he shares the story from Acts 10:1-43 and speaks about the mutual hatred and tension between Peter (a Jew) and Cornelius (a Roman lieutenant). But God worked in both of their hearts to help them overcome their prejudice.

A poignant sermon fitting for the tension that exists in our country right now regarding the crisis at the border. What are we to do about those seeking asylum? How should we respond to refugees? What about families being torn apart? We must overcome fear and prejudice and move forward in love for the other.


Creative Conflict Management

Creative Conflict Management.png

In this message, which kicks off our summer sermon series exploring the book of Acts, Dr. David Jordan shares with us from Acts 6:1-7. The early church was experiencing some conflict within its fellowship and came up with an effective way to address the problem. It's something we can learn from in our churches, businesses, and organizations today.

Reversal of Misfortune

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In this message, Dr. David Jordan shares with us from Acts 2:1-13 about the Holy Spirit filling the disciples at Pentecost, marking the birth of the New Testament church. For Baptists in the South, it is sometimes difficult to know what to do with this passage, but Dr. Jordan helps us understand it more clearly.

Broken Bread; Opened Eyes

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In this message, Dr. David Jordan shares with us from the Gospel of Luke concerning the disciples' encounter with Jesus on the road to Emmaus. What happens when we share a meal together? Why is the breaking of bread so symbolic? What do we see when our hearts come into alignment with God's?

Peace be with You

Peace be with You Sermon.png

In this message, Dr. David Jordan shares from John 20:10-23. The disciples feared the Pharisees and the government right after Jesus' death, but then something miraculous happens. Jesus appears to them in the upper room and says, "Peace be with you." Dr. Jordan looks at what we can take away from this message in today's world.


A Garden of Becoming

Easter Sunday A Garden of Becoming.png

In this Easter Sunday message from Dr. David Jordan, he looks at the resurrection story of Jesus as found in John 20:1-18. Dr. Jordan pays specific attention to not only Mary, but other women throughout the Gospel of John who proclaim the resurrection life found in Jesus!