7 Principles of an Engaging Church, Part 3

7 Principles of an Engaging Church Part 3.png

In this message, Dr. David Jordan shares the last of a 3-part sermon series on the "7 Principles of an Engaging Church." We are striving to embody these principles as a community in the coming years and we hope you'll do your best to live from them as well!

These principles can best be remembered through the acronym: i.W.e.T.h.e.e. (Inviting, Welcoming, Evangelizing, Transforming, Helping, Encouraging, Engaging).

In this message, he speaks about being a HELPING, ENCOURAGING, and ENGAGING church.


David Gushee: Moment of Christian Stewardship

During the Sanctuary service this Sunday, former Interim Senior Pastor, Rev. Dr. David Gushee, shared with us in a moment of Christian stewardship: