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We serve in our world.

Justice Advocacy Team

Learn about issues before legislative bodies. Individuals take appropriate action to advocate for causes as they choose. Contact Mickey Goodson.

Mickey Goodson

Mickey Goodson

Global Vision and Service Teams

First Baptist has a number of connections with field personnel in various parts of the US and the world. In order to sharpen our awareness of the global church and conditions in other countries, we visit ministries around the world and assist the work there as we are instructed by those engaged in permanent work with local leadership. We follow the agenda of the receiving community. We do not impose our agenda on them. We go to learn and to assist ongoing efforts. First Baptist Church Decatur groups have worked alongside people in Thailand, Eastern Kentucky, Taiwan, the Democratic Republic of Congo, West Virginia, and Nashville, TN. Future plans involve a return visit to Thailand and a visit to rural Liberia when conditions permit. Watch the home page of this website for announcements.

“Missional Christmas” Fair Trade Market

In November we hold an event at which we sell items made by craftspeople in the majority world. These sales support small manufacturers who hire people in need of work for a fair wage. At the same event we sell items made by First Baptist folks to raise money for various service projects during the year. Organizations such as DEAM (Decatur-area Emergency Assistance Ministry) offer donation gift cards which support helpful ministries for those in need in our community.
Contact Ann Smith.




Jessy Togba-Doya returned from Liberia after a successful campaign to educate people in his target villages about how to avoid Ebola. Not a single case was reported in the area in which he worked.