How do I get to the church campus?

We are located at the corner of Clairemont and Commerce in Decatur, Georgia. We are known for our large greenspace in front of the Sanctuary building which faces Clairemont Avenue. The signature curved Fidelity Bank Building is directly across Commerce from our campus.

Where do I park?

There are two main parking areas at First Baptist Church—an outside parking lot and a covered parking deck.  Most first-time guests find it easiest to park in the outside lot to the right of the Sanctuary Building. When you drive onto the campus from Clairemont Avenue, just follow the signs to the guest parking spaces.

Where do I go inside the building? 

There is a large covered entry way at the outdoor parking lot. Enter here. This is the first floor of the Main Building (Sanctuary Building). On Sunday mornings there will be activity in the hall and folks to greet you. FreshStart worship is on this floor in Carreker Hall, and Sanctuary worship is up the elevator or stairs to the second floor. You may also enter the Sanctuary from the front lawn (Park and use the sidewalk from the covered entry way).

For more information, please see Our Campus Map. (Floor plan maps of our building coming soon!)