Worship Care for Preschoolers

We encourage and invite children to attend worship with their parents.  However, we also realize that some children are simply not ready to sit through an entire worship setting.  So that is why we offer Worship Care for infants and toddlers and FreshStart Kids and Sanctuary Kids.

Worship Care

Parents with infants, crawlers and toddlers are invited to drop their children off in a caring and well-staffed childcare room prior to each worship service.  For parents attending Bible Study groups in addition to worship, the child may remain in their respective childcare areas until the parent comes to pick them up.  Stop by the preschool check in desk and get your child’s two-part name badge by using the KidCheck computer stations.

FreshStart Kids


Children ages 3-5 attend worship with their parents during our early FreshStart service.  Before the service, stop by the preschool check in desk and get your child’s two-part name badge by using the KidCheck computer stations.  Then head to the FreshStart service.  Children remain in the service until after the welcome and greeting time.  This allows children to participate in a part of the worship experience as well as welcome others and be welcomed as part of the larger worshiping family.

An announcement will be made for the children to gather at the back of the room with their FreshStart leaders and will be led to FreshStart kids, which meets on the preschool hallway.  If you are a first time guest and would like to walk back with your child, we welcome that.  You can then rejoin the worship experience as soon as you and your child are comfortable with this new environment.  

Your child will get a introduction to their bible study lesson to piqué their interest as they prepare to go to their age graded bible study group in the next hour.  This time includes crafts, games and music.

Sanctuary Kids


Children ages 3-5 will report directly to the Sanctuary Kids room on the preschool hallway prior to the Sanctuary worship experience.  Due to the longer travel distance, children will not dismiss from the service as we do for FreshStart Kids so be sure to stop by the preschool check in desk and get their two-part name badges by using the KidCheck computer stations.

Your child will have a brief reminder of the bible study event prior and all the art, craft, games and music will be used to reinforce that lesson.

Worship wAGON


We realize that it can be difficult for children of any age to sit through an entire worship service. In 2018, we rolled out (literally) our new Worship Wagon. This cart is filled with activities and itesm to help guide our children through the worship service and to help them engage in a more intentional and developmentally appropriate way. This wagon is located in the back of Carreker Hall during our Fresh Start service and on the piano side of the Sanctuary for our Sanctuary service. This allows the church as a whole to see children engaging in worship, but also makes it easy and safe for kids to visit the wagon during the service.