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What’s Different About You?

We believe that each child is uniquely designed by God but designed with great variation.  From learning styles to lifestyles and from recreational interests to motivational interests, and from cultural differences to geographical challenges and family structures to social networks children thrive when they are encouraged to operate in the ways they have been uniquely gifted and blessed. To that end, we have created a one of a kind customizable learning plan for children. Wednesday evenings we offer a variety of community gatherings that are based on what the child is interested in rather than us telling them or assuming what they ought to be interested in. We call it New Community for Kids. Here’s just as sample of some of the things we have done so far.

A hands-on look at where culture and God's work in the world intersect through the lens of food.


Exploring the life of Christ through the power of the electronic media of computers.

Learning to appreciate, listen and hear God through various art mediums and use them as expression and worship.

Examining the clues and weighing the evidence of how the bible is designed and how to navigate the sea of books, chapters and verses.