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Fall 2017 sermon series

John's Jesus

SUNDAYS: October 8th through November 26th

David Gushee Preaching:
October 8th: Water into Wine | John 2:1-11
October 15th: Jesus with a Whip | John 2:13-25
October 22nd: The Woman at the Well | John 4 (Peter Rhea Jones Preaching)
October 29th: Stand Up and Walk | John 5:1-18
November 5th: Neither Do I Condemn You | John 7:53-8:11
November 12th: Who's Your Daddy? | John 8:33-59
November 19th: A Reason to Give | John 9:1-9, 30-38 (Bob Williamson Preaching, 11:15am)
November 26th: Lazarus, Come Out! | John 11:1-53 (Reader's Theatre)


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Audios of Sunday sermons

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