Summer Fun

Each summer we provide several week long or extended opportunities for learning and fun.  The following are some of the things we offer:

Vacation Bible School

Each summer in June we offer a themed week of creative learning and fun centered around the scriptures during the morning hours.  We encourage pre registration as soon as we open our online registration.  For those of you who like to plan way in advance, to determine the date of VBS each summer, simply use the following steps:

  1. Look at your calendar for the year you are interested in.
  2. Turn to the month of June for that year.
  3. Look for the Sunday that we will be celebrating Father’s day.
  4. Back up to the Monday prior to Father’s day and you will have the start date for vbs.

PassportKids Camp

Each summer we invite children who have completed grades 3-5 to attend camp.  It is a four-day overnight camp experience that challenges students to think about the work of God globally.  It also serves as an opportunity for us to encourage group building and community with our church group as well as those from other churches.  For more information about PassportKids simply follow this link