Conspire to Love All

the conspire to love all stories

Here are stories gathered from your responses to the Conspire to Love All coupons received in worship during this Advent season. Thank you for sharing how someone “Conspired to Love” or “How Someone Conspired to Love You.” in this Advent season 2014.

My assignment was to send a note of encouragement to one of our church deacons thanking them for their service. I didn't have a note card handy so I called up one of the deacons and invited him to lunch as an appreciation for his service. We had a delightful time.
Story by DD—Coupon 448679

The Church Personnel Committee serves a vital part of our Church. Spending, no telling, how many hours in their work. Thank you for your service.
Story by CC—Coupon 448710

 I enjoyed giving Philip Rogers a hug and telling him that he is not just "working in the kitchen," but he is nurturing the people of God.
Story by SD—Coupon 448715

I was happy to get a prompt to write a note of appreciation to Jeremy Clark, Facilities Manager. He took over at a tough time and has done an outstanding job with a gracious spirit and admirable expertise. Thanks, Jeremy!
Story by SD

Today while having lunch with Dale, there were 3 Sheriff’s deputies sitting at a table across from us having their lunch. When we got our tab, I asked the waitress for their tab and paid it. Then before leaving I went to their table, thanked them for their service to the community, gave them their receipt and told them their lunch was paid for. The smiles on their faces and their thank you’s gave me such a warm feeling and were worth more than my weight in gold.
Story by RH

Took several boxes of peanut butter crackers, and other assorted cracker types to the Brookhaven Fire Station for the men on Ladder and Truck 2.
Story by CC—Coupon 448502

On the third Thursday of December the six men of our Sunday evening Bible study group provided and served dinner to the ~ 25 residents at Journey Men's Shelter (we are committed to the 3rd Thursday every month). Eating with these homeless gentlemen always blesses and inspires us, as much or more than it does them. We listen to their stories; their difficulties and disappointments, their hopes, dreams and plans, their successes and stumbles, and when we are brave, we share ours. And we always learn a lot about these men's strength, potential and faith, each of which is often greater than ours.

December's 3rd Thursday meal was special because we learned that BM, a Journey resident who has been working a good construction job for about eight months, was ready to move on in his journey. He would be moving out of the men's shelter the next weekend, into a house and rejoining his family. He was proud, and confident, and humble, and grateful and prayerful. We were joyous, and sad, ..., and so many emotions rolled together into, at least in my case, tearful.

Please pray regularly for all the men of Journey Men's Shelter. And ask God what you can do to combine their hopes, dreams and potential with yours. Then volunteer for a meal, share your time, or talent or resources to help keep Journey working. Even when all hope should be lost, there is still God's love, and yours.

Story by JH—Coupon 448407

I was shopping in the gift wrap section of the dollar store when I noticed a mother with her three small children. I complemented her on how well they were behaving. The mother's face relaxed a little and she smiled. One of the children had been nagging the mother to purchase an item she had seen in another part of the store. The mother was not giving in, but I could tell the child's persistence was straining her nerves. As I chatted with her and the children I felt God's calming presence. I hope it lifted the woman's spirits.
Story by LH—Coupon 448560