Welcome to First Baptist Church of Decatur!

Whether this is your first time or your 100th visit with us, it is our prayer that you experience both God’s presence and a genuine welcome here. FBC Decatur is a vibrant and progressive community of faith located in the heart of Decatur, GA. Here you will find people who are: 

  • learning to follow Jesus in everyday life;

  • encountering community through authentic relationships;

  • finding meaning by learning how to believe, not just what to believe; and

  • discovering purpose through making intentional, impactful contributions to the world around them.

It’s our hope that your story intersects with our story at FBCD, and that with God’s help, we might write something new and meaningful together!

Sunday morning worship schedule

regular worship schedule


Sunday School and Bible Study

sunday morning groups for all

Sunday mornings at 10:00am

You are invited to explore the options for learning and Bible study by visiting groups on Sunday morning!

There are a variety of learning styles in the groups at FBCD. Don't feel locked in to a group the first time you visit.

We encourage you to visit several groups as a way to meet folks in the church and find the right fit for you. You will be welcomed (trust us)!

Want help finding the right group for you? Email the Welcome Center!
Download a Sunday School brochure.


We are located at the corner of Clairemont and Commerce in Decatur, GA. 


Where do I park?

There are two main parking areas at First Baptist Church—an outside parking lot and a covered parking deck. Most first-time guests find it easiest to park in the outside lot to the right (North) of the Sanctuary Building.

You can also park in the upper or lower-levels of the parking deck on the South side of the building. You might have to take a ticket to get into the deck, but parking is FREE on Sundays, so you won't have to pay on the way out!


Where do I go inside the building? 

From the outdoor parking area, enter the large covered entry way. This is the first floor of the Main Building (Sanctuary Building). Fresh Start worship is on this floor in Carreker Hall, and Sanctuary worship is up the elevator or stairs to the second floor. You may also enter the Sanctuary from the front lawn.


Need help finding your way around?!

Ask anybody for a staff member or greeter. We'll get you connected!


Click on the marker to access our location on Google Maps.

What else does this church have for me?

First Baptist Church Decatur offers opportunities for each member of your household to connect with God and other people just like you.

We invite you to get a personal and friendly first look at FBC Decatur. You are welcome to come for a visit this weekend!

Let us know you're coming for a visit!

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