The Trouble with Herod, Part 2


January 6, 2019

This Epiphany Sunday, Dr. Jordan explores the connections between the Magi’s journey to visit Jesus, and our own pilgrimages of life and faith. From Isaiah 60:1: “Rise, shine, your light has come …” Matthew 2:1-12, connects that passage with the fascinating story of the Magi following a star, going to Jesus, bringing gifts and encountering Herod.


Traveling with others always requires particular sensitivity and skill. The same is true as we journey together in faith. Using the five points of the star the Wise Men followed to Jesus, we are challenged to live by these five points for our own deeper wisdom.

  1. Kindness is contagious

  2. Flexibility is helpful

  3. Humility is vital

  4. Gratitude is transformational

  5. Generosity is sacred

Finally, like the Magi, we inevitably encounter Herod in or around Jerusalem. These troublesome times of life necessitate not only wisdom, but also courage and strength. Therefore, like those Wise Men of old:

  1. Be aware of the warning signs

  2. Know where you stand and where you need to go

  3. Listen for holy messages of deeper wisdom

  4. Feel free to “go home a different way”

  5. Let your light shine!

If you’re looking to learn more about Herod the Great or Cleopatra, two enormous influences in first-century Palestine, we recommend reading Herod King of the Jews and Friend of the Romans as well as Cleopatra: A Life. Both are available on Amazon.

Conversations with David

In this video, Matt Snyder and David Jordan sit down and unpack David's most recent sermon series titled "The Trouble with Herod." They discuss what his sermons were about and how we might apply their messages to living faith in our everyday life.