Submitting a Promotional Request


So you want to promote an event taking place at FBCD?

Any event being promoted within FBCD communications channels must go through a request and confirmation process. 

Yes, this is a new process, but one that will help clarify expectations and streamline our effectiveness in communicating with the church community. It also allows ample time to create the necessary content and promotional schedule for your event.

The basic rules:

  • Complete the form below. It includes the basic information I will need to get started on promoting your event.
  • Most events will receive three to four weeks of promotion (that's about a month).
  • There is a required three weeks of lead time to confirm scheduling and create visual content. Therefore, all information must be received SIX WEEKS before your first communication piece is needed. 
  • Bear in mind, if you want your event promoted in outside publications, there is often more than a six week lead time for submitting those particular requests. So check with the publication to verify their deadline schedule.

Questions, Comments, Concerns

Again, I know this is new (and it will undoubtedly evolve), but I promise to say "yes" to helping you if you promise to fill out this form.If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, then please do not hesitate to call (ex. 2244) or email me.


Matt Snyder


Please complete the form below

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