Peelers in Cambodia

Bill and Noy Peeler are field personnel of the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship. They partner with the Cambodian Baptist Union as church planters and church planter trainers, working with new and experienced national pastors and church planters. The First Baptist Church Decatur congregation supports the Peelers and their work.

Letters from the peelers

Learn about the work in Cambodia through these letters from the Bill and Noy. You may also learn more about the Peelers on the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship website here.

Mission Letter, May 2016
"The Circular Church"

Mission Letter, November 2015
"The Family"

Mission Letter, October 2015

Mission Letter, September 2015
"Preah Bantuel"

Mission Letter, August 2015
"Mechanical Oxen"

Mission Letter, July 2015
"Beyond City Limits"

Mission Letter, April 2015
"A Handful of Nails"

March 2015
Cambodia Baptist Union Report

Mission Letter, February 2015
"Walk Through the Country"

Mission Letter, December 2014
"A Prey Chhkar Christmas Story"