Weekly Letter from the Pastor — July 17

July 17, 2017

Dear FBCD Family:

It is an awesome thing being the preacher most weeks at FBCD.

I mean awesome in two senses: as in, "I am really enjoying this," and as in, "This is really awe-inspiring." I will focus on the second meaning.

It is awe-inspiring to have the responsibility of proclaiming the Word of God from our pulpit each week.
it is awe-inspiring to preach where I am pastoring, and thus to know the "flock" to which I am delivering God's Word.
It is awe-inspiring to be trusted with that responsibility.
It is awe-inspiring to know that hundreds of people are choosing to listen to and perhaps even accept my interpretation of scripture.
It is awe-inspiring to feel that God has called me to this work.
It is awe-inspiring to know that I will beheld accountable by God for every word I say and everything I do in my role as pastor.

I want you all to know that I take very seriously the sacred responsibility of preaching. I cannot and never would claim infallibility, and certainly understand that there are a variety of interpretations possible of every biblical passage. am glad that, as Baptists, we know that the responsibility for interpreting scripture falls on all of us, not just the preacher.

But still, there is a weekly moment in which the pastor ascends the pulpit, opens the Bible, and proclaims what she or he claims to be God's truth, God's Word. It is the pastor's most important responsibility. It is not something to be trifled with, and I do not trifle with it.

Thank you for trusting me with that responsibility for this season of our church's life. I hope that you are being fed, challenged, and encouraged.

God bless you all —
Pastor David