Weekly Letter from the Pastor — May 30, 2017

Dear FBCD Family:

Now that we have passed Memorial Day weekend, the summer is upon us in earnest.

Just wanted you to know, we will still be having quite a bit of church this summer. While we will cancel Wednesday night activities for five weeks, Sunday mornings will be going strong. Beginning in mid-June, we will be doing a sermon series on the first chapters of Genesis. I am really excited about this series, which will extend through July. Once August comes around, school will be starting and we will launch both FBU Fall and a new series on the parables of Jesus.

Don't forget FBU July. My friend Jeff Willetts, McAfee School of Theology Dean, is an expert in philosophy and theology who is also a devout Christian with a pastor's heart. What we will do for the three Wednesday nights in July is simply open the floor to ask him theological questions that you have. It should be a rich exchange.

Let me say how overwhelmed I have been by the warm response to the FBU May series on Dietrich Bonhoeffer. We have been averaging over 100 people, many not from our church.

One of the things that has been so meaningful to me about being your pastor is that I can bring my scholarly side to the church and you all welcome it. I don't have to leave my mind at the door to be your pastor, and you don't have to leave your mind at the door to be church members here.

And you are such good students. I see you with your dog-eared Bonhoeffer books -- you have done your homework, you are asking good questions, you are hungry to learn, you want to follow Jesus and you want to know what Bonhoeffer might have to say about that. All of this makes me so happy!

I hope you have enjoyed the series on the Holy Spirit. It has been a joy to think through this series. Did you know I am writing all new sermons each week for FBCD? While I believe in recycling, recycled sermons aren't a great idea.  I have been asking God for a fresh word each week that speaks to who we are and where God wants to lead us. It is indeed a privilege to climb into that pulpit every week.

I will be enjoying some vacation with my wife Jeanie from Sunday evening through June 16. Did you know I turn 55 (gulp!) on June 17? Older but rested, I will be back in the pulpit on Father's Day, June 18.

God bless you, church family.
Pastor David