Weekly Letter from the Pastor — February 20, 2017

February 20, 2017

Dear FBCD Family:

Two things are coming to an end along with February. I want to say a word about both.

We launched First Baptist University on January 11 with the hope and prayer that church members and visitors would respond to an entirely new approach to Wednesday nights. We had been averaging maybe 35 folks for supper, prayer, and Bible study. I thought that we had the resources in our church to offer a university-type program with multiple exciting and meaningful options in areas of Christian thought, pastoral care, and wellness.

As FBU Winter Term comes to an end, we can be grateful to God that the program has proven quite successful and is indeed really meeting many needs. It has also become a non-threatening front door into our church for visitors and non-regular attenders, and overall has average about 125-130 people. I am grateful to our teachers and facilitators: Bob Williamson, Bill Fulkerson, Tommye Morris, Larry Connelly, Ann Murphy, Matt Visser, Kristian Smith, and Linsey Addington, as well as Billy Roberts (FBU Youth) and Dale Doud and team he has assembled for FBU Kids.

With the exception of Matt Visser's Financial Peace class, all FBU Winter classes will end on Feb. 22, this Wednesday. The whole church is invited together for Ash Wednesday on March 1, then FBU Spring will launch on March 8. For the complete listing of FBU Spring classes, see [link].

The preaching series this Winter is now also coming to an end. In our "Things Christians Do" series, we have explored key practices Jesus teaches his followers. The series covered continuous repentance, protesting injustice, making peace, loving enemies, disciplining our hungers, keeping our covenants, praying as Jesus prayed learning to forgive, and this week, letting God be judge. As a reminder, all sermons are archived at our website both in audio and print form. Here is where you can find the messages in the Things Christians Do series here.

I have sensed a growing excitement in our congregation (which now includes more and more visitors, explorers, seekers, and new members) about serious Christian discipleship. Our mission is to follow Jesus. Our identity is as a community of imperfect but earnest people trying to follow Jesus. Our doors are open to anyone wanting to join us in exploring what it means to follow Jesus. Our unity is found in Jesus. Our hope is in Jesus. We are not a social club. We are a community of people trying to follow Jesus, together. And that is enough.

Have a great week, sisters and brothers—
Pastor David