Weekly Letter from the Pastor — February 7, 2017

Dear FBCD Family:

It was very special to have so many families and boys associated with Boy Scouts join us for worship on Sunday morning. FBCD has sponsored a Boy Scout troop since 1927! I am not aware of anything we are doing (besides worship and studying the Bible!) that we have done for that long. It is quite a heritage. I was glad to meet members of the Greenway family, who have played such a large role in sponsoring and supporting our FBCD Boy Scouts over many years. Thank you!

This is a good reminder of the many ventures that our church is involved in sponsoring — besides the Boy Scouts — that go beyond what most members and visitors see on Sunday morning.

For example, we founded and still relate to the retirement communities Clairmont Oaks and Briarcliff Oaks, both across the street on Clairemont. Many members of our church live there and we do a lot of ministry in those communities.

We operate a counseling center, the Verdery Counseling Center, that has been offering care to Decatur folks since the 1960s and is now making the transition to new leadership with Monique Wischusen.

And of course we operate a preschool (First School) and an after-school program (First Camp), led ably by Harriet Holland and Claire Kermitz Chinn, respectively. Hundreds of children and families are served by these critically important programs.

Our exact relationship with these and other ventures varies and has done so over time. But one thing I am trying to accomplish in my time as your Interim Pastor is to make sure that each of these programs is on as strong a footing as possible and relates to the church as a whole in the best way we can arrange.

Did you know we had 399 people in church on Sunday? Which of you will come forward and be counted as number 400?

As for the Falcons...well...

See you at FBU on Wednesday!

In Christ,
Pastor David