Weekly Letter from the Pastor — December 19, 2016

Dear FBCD Family,

In this brief note, I simply want to call to your attention at the end of this year the hardworking staff that serves this church every day. Many of you may not know all the staff, so in this note I want to name them and thank them:

Marianna Anderson, Finance Manager
Claire Kermitz Chinn, First Camp Director
Jeremy Clark, Facilities Manager
Edwina Cowgill, Executive Administrative Assistant
Kaitlin Curtice, Fresh Start worship leader
Dale Doud, Pastor to Children and Families
Lois Graham, Communications Director
Steven Hall, Food Services Manager
Kathryn Hartgrove, Worship Arts leader
Harriet Holland, First School Director
Peter Rhea Jones, Pastor Emeritus
Monique Wischusen, Verdery Center Director
Dilshad Premj, Administrative and Finance Manager
Billy Roberts, Pastor to Youth and Families
Katie Roberts, Wedding Coordinator
Daniel Solberg, Organist
Melanie White, Media Center Director
Bob Williamson, Executive Pastor

In the recent history of FBCD, many staff have worked "part time." But church ministry doesn't really work that way. When someone needs a hospital visit, when a service needs to be planned, or when a funeral needs arranging, the church and its staff need to come through, at the right time, in the right way, in service to Christ and people. I see that kind of dedication every day on the part of our staff.

So, staff, we thank you!

I hope to see all of you Christmas Eve for what will be a lovely and thoughtful worship experience, and then again Christmas morning for an informal brunch and brief celebration service.

God bless you, my friends—
Pastor David