Weekly Letter From the Pastor — November 14

Dear FBCD Family:

Our 5 E series ended on Sunday as I called for us to cultivate an attitude of "Expectation of Growth." This 5-week series, which articulates the direction I would like to lead the church, is now completed and available online in audio and in print. You can find it here.

I was so pleased to see the very many members and perhaps some non-members who came forward to offer their pledges of time, talent, and treasure for 2017. It is exciting to see so many (re)commitments to our church in this new and hopeful season of church life. Remember that pledge cards will also be received this coming Sunday in worship, and of course can be sent by mail as well.

I am very happy to announce the hiring of Edwina Cowgill to the newly created post of Executive Administrative Assistant. Edwina has decades of experience in such roles, having served previously at Bayer, Arthur Anderson, and Redemption Fellowship PCA Church, among other firms.

In her new role at FBC Decatur, which began on Monday, November 14, Edwina will assume most of the current responsibilities of Catherine Aiken, whose term of service in the office will end on December 2. We are deeply grateful to Cat for her dedicated service in this temporary role during the recent time of transition in our church. Please join me in thanking Cat and praying all God's blessings upon her.

Edwina will also take on the responsibilities of administrative assistant to me as I attempt to juggle my responsibilities at FBCD, Mercer, and elsewhere. She will become a kind of chief of staff to me and will be in charge of my calendar, travel planning, email flow, and so on. She will be working full time.

Edwina is officed next door to me in the FBCD suite. Her email will be ecowgill@fbcdecatur.com and her phone number will be 404-373-1653 ext 2230. Please welcome Edwina warmly as she joins our team at FBCD, and feel free to contact her anytime if you are trying to get in touch with me. She will know where to find me and how to schedule time with me!

This coming weekend our gifted Pastoral Intern Peter Wischusen will take the pulpit in both services. Please come and hear this thoughtful voice from the next generation of Christian leaders. I will be in San Antonio having one meeting after another at the American Academy of Religion.

And then it will be...Advent! Let us prepare our hearts even now for the coming of the Messiah, Christ the Lord!

Have a wonderful week—
Pastor David

Link to the sermon series: What Does Success Look Like for FBCD: the Five E's, and scroll to the November 13 sermon.