Weekly Letter from the Pastor — October 24

Dear FBCD Friends,

This Sunday in worship I focused on the second of our "5 E's" — Energetic Pastoral Care. The main idea was that our church exists to be a community of people who covenant to care for each other in crisis moments and across all the seasons of life. I drew a distinction between crisis care, as in hospitalizations and deaths, and developmental care, as in the church's effort to form disciples across the entire life span.  Also noted that even though I am calling it "pastoral care," it is not only pastors who care. We all care for, and shepherd, one another. I celebrated the many evidences for how FBCD is already a deeply caring community in which members are very closely knit together and take care of each other. In a society filled with lonely and isolated people, the care that exists in our church is something truly to celebrate — and share with others.

Remember that all my sermons are now available both in audio and text forms here.

This coming week I will preach about Embracing Decatur. It's a good week to talk about that, as we will have a lot of Decaturites on our front lawn Wednesday afternoon for our Fall Festival. Come on out and put your arms around Decatur...And that is exactly the theme of this Sunday's message. How do we — how are we, already — putting our arms around Decatur? How do we serve this growing community? How can we serve Decatur? Decatur is our first and most immediate mission field. This Sunday we will think about Decatur itself, and our mission here.

Hope to see you on Wednesday, Sunday, or both! Have a great week. Be a blessing to those you encounter.

In Christ's love,
Pastor David

Link to the sermon series: What Does Success Look Like for FBCD: the Five E's, and scroll to the October 23 sermon.