Weekly Letter from the Pastor — October 17

October 17, 2016

Dear FBCD Friends,

It was good to see so many in church on Sunday as I began my new series on "What Does Success Look Like for FBCD: The Five E's." I emphasized, with skillful partnership from our worship leaders, that the first and fundamental task of any house of worship (church) is to be a place where God is truly worshipped. I also suggested that a fundamental aspect of such worship is opening our minds and hearts to the Word of God. I called on all of us to come to church hungry for God and hungry for the Word of God, so as to be able to worship, learn, and go out ready to live and serve Christ faithfully.

I am now writing out my manuscripts in full and making them available as pdf documents for download and reading. So from now on sermons will be available not just by audio but also to read in manuscript form. Links to the manuscripts of my sermons will be available on the website [and in this weekly email]. I have also asked the office staff to have at least a dozen printed and stapled copies of each week's sermon available for anyone to pick up and read if they stop by the church office.

I am doing this because perhaps some of you are more likely to read a sermon than to listen to an audiotape of one. That's true of me. Call me old-school. But more than that, I am hoping that even people who were in church and heard the message might want to actually see the manuscript to think about it a bit more. Especially right now, as we are considering what our priorities are for the next season of our church's life, a bit more serious reflection on weekly sermons might be called for...

I hope to see many of you on Wednesday night as we do a "meet and greet" reception beginning at 5:30 and talk about the next stage of our church's life.

Thank you all for your many encouraging wordsto me as I have begun my pastoral ministry here at First Baptist Decatur. I am also very grateful for the many expressions of prayer support. Keep praying! God bless you as you do—

Pastor David  

Link to the sermon series: What Does Success Look Like for FBCD: the Five E's, and look for the October 16 sermon.