Next Steps

If you have been visiting for a while and have decided that you want to commit to this family of faith, we would be so glad. There are several “levels” of involvement for you to consider:


If for some reason you want to settle down here but are not interested in membership (below) that’s fine with us. In order to help you find places of community, learning and service we would need your complete contact information (full name, address, phone, email). If you are a follower of Jesus Christ, you are invited to participate in every aspect of the life of First Baptist except voting and serving in the role of deacon (primary governing and ministry group). You may teach, lead a community group, read Scripture,  or anything else you are qualified and willing to do without being a member.

If you are still thinking about this “Jesus business,” we’d still love to have you sing in the choir, tutor a kid, serve at a homeless shelter, or volunteer in lots of other ways.


If you are a committed follower of Jesus and have experienced Christian baptism, you are welcome to join First Baptist as a member. If you are a Christian but have not been baptized, please talk with one of the pastors about being baptized. Membership involves commitment to the mission and values of the church and includes eligibility to vote on matters of church business and to serve in the role of deacon (primary governing and ministry group). You may come forward in response to the invitation to discipleship at the end of a worship service, or, before that make an appointment to speak with one of the pastors about membership.

Who We Are—mission and values of the church


If you are a member of another Christian congregation or denomination and would like to affiliate with First Baptist without changing your membership status elsewhere, you may want to come under the “watchcare” of this congregation. That means that you are a full participant for whom we are committed to provide nurture and pastoral care as needed.