A Letter from Kaitlin

My brothers and sisters at First Baptist Church Decatur,

A year ago you invited me to become the worship leader for Fresh Start. I have loved leading you this last year.

As our family enters into a new season of our lives, I will be stepping away from my role as worship leader.

Because of your consistent love and support, we can leave with the reality that we are loved and known by God. I began singing and leading with Parker Ebling-Artz shortly after we moved to Atlanta and started going to First Baptist. I have seen the church transition from Pastor Julie to Pastor Roger and now to Pastor David, and I am confident that just as the church has gathered in worship through every transition, you will still continue to press in and grow in worship in Fresh Start.

We don’t know what this new season will look like, but we trust that God will lead and care for us as Jesus will continue to lead and guide you as a church.

I have personally felt so empowered as a female leader to guide you into worship every week in Fresh Start. Thank you for trusting me in this role, I will never forget what I’ve learned here. Because of your love I know that I can trust God to continue to lead me in my writing and speaking about issues that are dear to my heart and dear to the heart of the church.

I trust in the time of transition that there are many people in this church who can step up to lead you all in worship. One of the greatest honors has been the incredible group of musicians that I have played with this past year. We are blessed to have such a strong and diverse group of creative people to lead the way in what it looks like to worship God in the life of First Baptist.

I hold you in prayer because I am fully confident that God has a beautiful vision, not just for First Baptist, but for the church in general and for each of you in your own lives in this community. And God will not give up on that vision.

I write to you with a heart full of the ways in which I have felt so loved by you this past year as worship leader of Fresh Start.

Thank you for everything.

Kaitlin Curtice
FreshStart Worship Leader