+1 Generosity Challenge

This summer we've seen a beautiful response to our giving challenges. Participation has been high, progress has been made and we are truly seeing what it means to live generously. We hope for an even bigger response this month as summer winds down and we get back into a more regular pattern.
We're calling the August Generosity Challenge — “+1”, meaning we’re asking that: A) Everyone places a $1 bill in the plate, every week, beyond their regular giving, or B) Everyone gives an additional 1% of their annual giving for the year during the month, or C) Do both!
This challenge is designed to continue to help us find new ways to think about our giving and tithing as we seek to live more generous lives. We have made great strides in making some much needed repairs to our Sanctuary. Hopefully you've noticed the ceiling has been cleaned, repaired and all of the light bulbs have been replaced with energy efficient LED bulbs!
Thank you for your continued commitment to give and live generously,
– The Generosity Team (Tex Grubbs, Austin Lee, Katie Roberts, Peggy Smith, Beth Withers, Joe Wright)