VBS Supply Drive


In order for Vacation Bible School to happen, we need children to attend, volunteers to lead, and lots of coffee…

But we also need supplies to help make it all a success! Over the next several weeks, we will be collecting donated supplies for VBS.

How to Give:

Check the bulletin board in the first floor breezeway between the sanctuary building and education building for a list of specific requests.

For example, we might ask for 10 containers of Vanilla Greek Yogurt, or 6 hula hoops, or 6 5-gallon buckets.

Simply take a tag (or more than one!) off the board and purchase the supplies listed on it. We’re also willing to borrow and return some of these items if you are willing to loan them.

Return the supplies and the tag to the church office by Friday, July 5th. We will make sure the supplies get to the right place.

Subscribe for Updated Lists

We will also include supply requests in this weekly email as requests come up. These requests will be an “all call” for as many of the item as we can get. So keep your eyes here for those items. Subscribe here.

Supplies for June 3-8, 2019:

  • Clean, empty soup/veggie cans

  • Cardboard paper towel tubes (please don’t cut in half or donate toilet paper tubes; we have plenty!)

If you have any questions about any supply donations, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Pastor Kristen.