Holy Land Tour Preparation Meeting


Thursday, July 25 at 6:00pm | Carreker hall

Are you planning to attend the Holy Land Tour in 2020? Then don’t miss this preparation session on June 27!

A Brief History of Israel

David will be leading our first in a series of preparation sessions for any people interested in joining in on the Holy Land trip in April of 2020. However, it needs to be emphasized that these sessions are not limited to only those wanting to go to the Holy Land – all are welcome!

If you are curious about the many complicated events and the rich and complex biblical background of this tiny slice of the Middle East, we would love to welcome you to be with us. Each month for the next twelve months, we will be delving into the history, culture, geography, current events and biblical background of Israel and Palestine as you might never have heard it.

David will also be sharing outside reading materials and worksheets that you will find helpful for your Bible reading and Sunday School preparation. So come and join us at 6:00pm in Carreker Hall!