Disciple Bible Study: Psalms



When: Monday nights from 6:00 – 7:30pm.
Beginning February 18 through April 22
What: Invitation to Psalms
Who: Facilitator, Dr. David Jordan
Cost: $15.00
Benefit: Life-changing

Beginning Monday, February 18, we hope you join us on a journey through Psalms, one of the most amazing books of the Bible.

Spanning the whole range of human emotion and probing the depths of spiritual potential, Psalms is treasure house of biblical wisdom. Our Bible’s collection of 150 psalms gives us permission to embrace our feelings, to encounter the world more completely, to understand one another more fully, and to hear God more clearly.

This will be a ten week class using materials from Disciple Bible Study. Dr. David Jordan has enjoyed facilitating countless groups over the years with these excellent programs, so he knows you will find what we will share to be one of the best combinations of meaningful spirituality, biblical scholarship, and contemporary insight that you will ever encounter.

Cost for the class is $15.00 which covers the cost of the study book, Invitation to Psalms, by Michael Jenkins.

We hope you will join us on this terrific ten week journey into meaningful, excellent Bible Study.