Deacon Ordination 2019


Sunday, January 27, 2019 – 2:00pm

The ordination of new Deacons and installation of the new deacon class will be on January 27, 2019 at 2:00pm in a special ordination service.

There will be a luncheon prior for all deacons past, present, upcoming and their families. Details are pending for the luncheon, but a RSVP will be required by deacons and their families wishing to attend.

We hope you’ll make an effort to attend this meaningful service to support, encourage, and pray over our new leadership at FBCD!

Common Questions about Deacons

Maybe you’re new to a faith tradition that empowers a diaconate as a part of its leadership structure. This tradition dates back centuries (to the early church!) and is a powerful installation in ensuring needs of the congregation do not go overlooked.

Here are some answers to common questions as provided by members of our ministerial staff:

What is a deacon? 

A deacon is a servant leader, selected by the congregation to help lead and guide the church. The deacon body should be a representation of the larger church.

Why do we have deacons?

There should be a variety of gifts among the deacon board so that each deacon is given the chance to use those gifts. Some may be good at pastoral care, some good at welcoming new people to the church, some good at helping the “least of these.” Each gift that is brought to the table is important and should be used in order to lift up and call out the gifts of others in the congregation. Deacons also help support the ministerial staff in the work they are doing by providing insight and offering ideas in suggestions. Since they are “on the ground” with the congregation, they should be a good representation and sounding board for the needs and desires of the congregation.

Why do we ordain deacons?

Being a deacon is different than being a church volunteer or serving on another church committee; deacons are called by the congregation to do good and holy work. Ordination is a way for the church to say to a person “We see something special, unique, and important in you and we want to celebrate that.” By ordaining deacons, we are affirming the gifts we see in them and offering our blessing and support to them as they do the work we and God have called them to.

What do deacons do at FBCD?

The deacons will be overseeing each of the Seven Principles for the next two years and serving as point people. They will be utilized as "Deacon of the Week" each week to offer a prayer or read scripture in worship, and will be "on-call" for visits to new guests from the previous Sunday.

But theoretically and biblically, according to Acts 6, they are to be the "eyes, ears and heart" of the congregation, to be sure that no one in the fellowship is overlooked. The origins of this whole deacon idea stemmed from "minority" (Greek speaking, or Hellenist) widows being left out of the food distribution, the result of what appeared to be prejudice toward those who were different (can you believe it?). Therefore, the wisdom that emerged, counter to the conventional wisdom of the time, was to empower the minority community in the fellowship to be in charge of the very system they had be discriminated from.

This reversal of power stood as real watershed moment in the church. It  demonstrated a Jesus-kind of intentionality, of giving away power for the sake of peace and justice. 

Why should I come to the ordination?

To show support to our deacons and to offer blessing over them as they begin their work. The congregation called out these individuals and we should also be willing to bless them as they do their work.

In the coming weeks, we’ll investigate more about who deacons are and what their role is in the life of the church at FBCD. In the meantime, we pray that you make plans to join us on Sunday, January 27th!