Restorative Yoga - Health and Wellness


Every Monday at 3:30pm beginning September 10th
Meditation Gentle Restorative Flow Yoga

Restorative Yoga is a slow paced practice good for all-levels. This class is designed to decompress after a stressful day.  

Restorative Yoga has the ability to leave us nourished and well rested. We will warm the muscles and create space in the body to prepare it for relaxation. It is the perfect way to balance a strong yoga practice as well as for those with injuries, stress or who people who just need gentle yoga.

This class uses props, some of which will be provided. Please bring a towel, which will be used as a neck pillow. Some yoga mats, bolsters and blankets are available.

Cost is $6 per person. 
Please contact Dilshad Premji at if you are interested.


This is a part of a new Health and Wellness Program at FBCD. More details will soon be available on our website.