Mission Moments: Refugee Ministry

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Refugee Team Ministry

On Sunday mornings throughout the summer, we're drawing attention to the various ways First Baptist Church of Decatur engages in mission both locally and globally. Most recently, we highlighted what we're doing in working with refugees in and around Atlanta.

Who is a refugee?

There are three primary things that make up a refugee: 1) They are a person not living in their home country; 2) They are living in fear of what might happen to them because of what they believe about God, the government, because of their race, or if they think something harmful is going to happen to them; and 3) Their country and its government isn't going to protect them.

What are a few reasons we should help refugees?

Half of all the refugees in the world are kids! Most of them end up living in a country next to their home country, or after several years, travel to another country like the United States.

Jesus was a refugee and had to flee his country (Mt. 2:13-15), and it probably one of the many reasons he spent so much time ministering to the marginalized and those in need of protection from systems of power. 

What can we do to help?

There are a lot of different things you can do, but a good place to begin is by educating yourself. Click here to learn more about refugees.

Two organizations we're organizing some partnerships with are Friends of Refugees and New American Pathways. After attending orientations with each organization, you can help sponsor a refugee family, help teach English, help setup apartments, greet new refugees at the airport, and more!

We hope in the near future to sponsor a refugee family at FBCD through these organizations. Keep your eyes and ears peeled to learn how you can help.

Read the FBCD Statement regarding the border crisis here.