Christian Response to Immigrants

A Conversation — Christian Response to Immigrants

Thursday, July 13
7 p.m. in Carreker Hall
The community is welcome.

A conversation IN Christian community, AS Christian community. The real world around us is a diverse one. In an urban center like Atlanta, or almost anywhere in rural Georgia, those "strangers" among us include folk who have fled from other countries, from political persecution and grinding poverty

In our own era, as in decades long before us, suffering people have fled to the U.S., seeing in us a beacon of hope for their families. Many of our own ancestors are among those who made a difficult journey to build a new life in this place of hope and freedom.

Immigration has become a heated and controversial political topic in our country. But what about the church? Is the church of Jesus called to have a witness about the value of every human and a responsibility to welcome and care for the stranger among us?

You are invited to join a group of Christians on Thursday evening, July 13, for a discussion about potential responses of the church and of individual Christians to immigrants in our midst. We'll consider the testimony of scripture, remember the witness of our own church over decades, see examples of how other churches have responded, and think about ways we can be responsible Christians in this encounter.

Christian Response to Immigrants is a one-time gathering, promptly at 7:00 p.m. on Thursday, July 13, Carreker Hall, First Baptist Church Decatur.