In the Beginning — studies in Genesis 1-11

Summer sermon series

A recent book by Old Testament scholar Brent Strawn suggests that "The Old Testament is Dying."

What he means is that churches today tend to neglect the Old Testament and that it is at risk of fading from Christian consciousness. I think he is mainly right, and in this sermon series I hope to address the problem by returning to the very first chapters of the Old Testament. Preaching through Genesis 1-11, often called the "Primeval History," will reveal both the centrality of the issues raised by these texts and also their profound complexity and potential for misuse and abuse.

The summer preaching schedule:
June 18   "In the Beginning"   Gen. 1:1-2:3.
June 25   "Not Good to Be Alone"   Gen 2:18-25.
July 2   "Did God Really Say?"   Gen. 3:1-7.
July 9   "East of Eden"   Gen. 3:8-24.
July 16   "Raising Cain"   Gen. 4:1-16.
July 23   "A Brokenhearted God"   Gen. 6:5-8, 7:11-24
July 30   "The First Covenant"   Gen. 8:20-9:7.

You are invited to join us in worship at FBCD on Sundays —
FreshStart at 8:45 in Carreker Hall
11:15 a.m. for Sanctuary Worship.
Pastor David Gushee will preach at both worship hours.