Generous Grant for Pastoral Resident at FBCD

Snyder Matt Merridith _ 800p.jpg

Grant to support the work of Matt Snyder, Pastoral Resident for Young Adult Ministry

First Baptist Church Decatur announces, with gratitude, that a $15,000 grant has been received from the Center for Teaching Churches of McAfee School of Theology. This grant is to support the work of Matt Snyder, our new Pastoral Resident for Young Adult Ministry. Here is how McAfee describes their program:
 “Just as medical doctors and lawyers receive assistance in transitioning into their professions with residencies and junior partnerships, ministers of the gospel moving into their first places of service… need structures in place to make this move successfully. The Center for Teaching Churches at McAfee is a pioneer effort to fill this transitional and educational need for McAfee’s newly graduated ministers. It is also an opportunity for churches to extend their ministries by partnering with McAfee in the training of ministers.”

For more information about this important McAfee program, learn online at .
First Baptist Church Decatur is very grateful for our partnership with McAfee, and for this very generous gift.