MLK Day of Service

Volunteer now for MLK Day of Service

Saturday and Monday — January 14 and 16, 2017

Help with repairs

Mark your calendar now for an opportunity to help Decatur’s home owning seniors with needed repairs they cannot afford. That’s the focus of the service the FBCD Work Team participates in each year during Dr. King’s birthday weekend.

Begun in 2003, Decatur’s MLK Jr. Service Project provides free house maintenance and repair for Decatur’s needy senior homeowners each January. In January 2016, FBC members joined approximately 1,300 volunteers that contributed over 10,000 hours of time helping 41 senior households during the 3-day weekend project. These volunteers helped these seniors to live more safely, comfortably and affordably in their homes as a result of these much needed repairs and yard work.

Get a group of friends together to participate in a work session. Sign up with Mai Cavalli at or 404-931-2394.

Help with food

If you want to help out by providing breakfast items for the Monday volunteers on January 16, contact Mai, as well.