A Note from David Gushee


Dear FBCD Friends,
I am excited to begin my new role as interim pastor at First Baptist. This has been my church home for almost ten years, and I am humbled and grateful to now have the opportunity to help lead us forward in the next season of our church's life.

If you were present on Sunday, you heard me present a statement of immediate goals that I have set for myself, staff, and I hope all of us. They are the "5 E's":
•    Excellent worship services in two different modes
•    Energetic attention to the pastoral needs of the congregation
•    Embrace of our role as Decatur's "commons"
•    Economic planning reflecting Christian values and sustainable in the long term
•    Expectation of growth in order to build momentum for the work of the kingdom of God

My sermons from October 16 through November 13 will tackle these themes one at a time.

I also initiated my "Send the (Interim) Pastor a Picture" program. I am warmly and wholeheartedly inviting all who call FBCD home to bring me or send me a family picture, with all your family members named. You can bring it by the church office, hand it to me at church, or email it to my new FBCD email: dgushee@fbcdecatur.com. Why do this? So I can know you and your family better. So I can learn everyone's names. So I can pray for you and yours!
One last thing: I am seeking to visit every Sunday School class in the next few months. Please contact me to arrange a visit to your class, so we can get to know each other better and dream together about the future.

Be a blessing to everyone you meet this week!

In Christ’s love,
David Gushee
Interim Pastor