Let your LIGHT shine!

July Generosity Challenge —
"Let Your Light Shine"

All during July we want to take Matthew 5:16 very literally and let our light shine. We’ve got quite a few burnt out bulbs in the Sanctuary. And you may be thinking, “what’s so hard about changing a light bulb?” The hard part is getting waaaayyyy up in the ceiling to reach them. It requires some special equipment and impeccable balance. We want to replace all the bulbs, at one time, with energy efficient LED bulbs that will last 15-20 years and cost a fraction of what the current bulbs cost to keep on. If everyone is willing to purchase just one installed LED bulb this month we can get all the bulbs replaced. Donate $12 to purchase one bulb. But please feel free to go above and beyond. Donate for the purchase of more bulbs or make an extra donation toward the bulb installation plus globe and ceiling cleaning (while workers are waaaayyyy up there on the tall ladders!). Please consider what you can give above your regular giving. Thanks! — The Generosity Team
(You may make a July designated gift here at the secure FBCD Giving module.)