May Coffee Cup Challenge

How are you doing with our May coffee cup challenge?

We want to try something a little different over the next several months and have some fun doing it. At FBCD, we are going to try some monthly giving challenges. It's about practicing generosity to become a more generous community. Becoming better stewards. Let's begin with a coffee cup challenge! The May Coffee Cup Challenge is the first monthly challenge in a series of special offerings (beyond our regular tithes/offering) to address some much needed things around the church that go beyond what the MAP (Mission Action Plan) can cover.

Tex Grubbs, speaking for the Generosity Team, shared our first monthly challenge on Sunday, May 8:

"This month, starting today (well, maybe not today since it’s Mother’s Day) but starting tomorrow and for the rest of the month we’re asking you to give up: your name brand coffee.
Now before you boo me off the stage let me explain myself. We’re not asking you to give up coffee altogether, just the indulgent purchases (The Starbucks, the Dancing Goats, the gourmet stuff). Go get yourself a big thing of Folger’s. Drink the office coffee and of course drink the coffee here at church.

For those of us who go by Starbucks in the morning. Or Dancing Goats up the street. How much does that cup of coffee run you? And how many days a week do you do that? If you’ve ever stopped to do the math you know it adds up quick. Here’s some more math: When you spend less during the month, you have more to spend at the end of the month. All you accountants out there can back me up. For the month of May we’re asking you to save the money you would normally spend buying that coffee. And instead give it to the church as a special offering. I say special because this is intended to be above and beyond your usual giving and tithing. We have some needs that go beyond what our MAP can cover. The gifts from these special offerings over the next few months will help with some basic things: maintenance to the façade out front. HVAC units. Lightbulbs – basic stuff that we need. And we are going to keep track of all this with your help. We want to track our progress and keep you updated so we can see the results. Online giving: MAY SPECIAL OFFERING (COFFEE CUP CHALLENGE). Envelopes: write in COFFEE CUP CHALLENGE.

If you’re someone who’s been thinking about giving to the church but the though of giving your money away is scary then this is a great way to get started. If you are someone who already gives to the church but thinks you can’t possibly give any more, this is a great way to do that. This challenge is meant to shake things up a little bit. Sometimes you have to do something jolting to change habits or create better habits. The goal is to shift from being really good consumers, to being really good stewards. And consistency here leads to generosity – and hopefully the kind of radical generosity Jesus expects of us."