Get Acquainted with Millennials

Millennials Conference

Millennials (ages 15-35) have been called lazy, entitled, narcissistic and unreachable by those who do not know or understand them. What is it about this generation that makes them so difficult to reach? Why don't they conform to the patterns of prior generations? What can we as a church do to understand them, much less reach them?

Benjie Shaw, the director of the Baptist Campus Ministry Center at the University of Tennessee Health Services Center in Memphis works with millennials, has studied their characteristics, and loves them! Meet with us to consider some defining characteristics of the millennial generation and gain insight on best practices for reaching and teaching millennials. A free brunch is included.

Some FBCD folks may know Benjie at the husband of Jenna Williamson Shaw, and son-in-law of Bob and Margie Williamson. Welcome Benjie!

September 26
9 a.m.–Noon
Brunch is included.