Commitment Sunday—February 1, 2015


Each new year brings the opportunity to consider how we will contribute to God’s work in the world.  This is something we work out with the guidance of the Holy Spirit, not something that determines what the church budget will be. So this year Commitment Sunday will be a little different.

On February 1st, Commitment Sunday, each person will receive a commitment card on which each of us can record our personal generosity covenant with God.  The commitment card will then be sealed in a self-addressed envelope and turned into the church, where it will remain unopened.  In July, the church will send your envelope back to you as a reminder of your covenant with God.

In the next few weeks, ask God to show you how you can give of your time and abilities as well as your finances, and come to worship on February 1st, prepared to fill in your commitment card.  If you can’t attend church on February 1st, you can pick up a copy of the commitment card and envelope in the church office, and you are welcome to return it on another date or to the church office by mail.