Gratitude Sunday

Every year at FBCD we set aside the Sunday prior to Thanksgiving to center our hearts and minds on our gratitude to God. Gratitude Sunday is on November 23 and, as is our tradition, we are called as a congregation to consider the many ways in which God has blessed us.   

In a time of economic uncertainties and global crises, focusing on the blessings and goodness in our lives is one of the greatest ways we can center our hearts and minds. One of the outpourings of gratitude is generosity. When we appreciate the ways God provides for us each day, we respond with generosity to Kingdom endeavors. When we assume that we deserve what we have, we spend it on ourselves or hoard it to spend later. On Gratitude Sunday we will bring additional gifts to God above and beyond our regular offerings. God has been consistently faithful and extravagantly generous to us. Please pray about how you will respond with extravagant, risky, generosity.  

This year these gifts will be used to support the ministries in our 2014 Ministry Action Plan.