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Mission Immersion - Clarkston, GA

Mission Immersion TW.png

Saturday, March 17th 10:30am-2:30pm

There is a shift we must make - from understanding "mission" as the work of the church to "mission" as the work of God. The church is the agent of mission, but God alone is the author. That's what this experience is about!

Join us in Clarkston, Decatur's neighboring community, as we explore how God sees the world... and how the church is called to be a part of God's mission.

Adults, youth, and children are welcome to participate in this fun and exciting day of hands-on learning! For more information or to sign up, contact Devita Parnell (dparnell@cbf.net) or Don Hammonds (dbh4@att.net) or by calling the church office (404-373-1653).


Combined Worship and Pastor Reception

One Worship Pastor Reception

One Worship

On Sunday, March 18th we will be having a combined worship service at 11:15am in the Sanctuary. There will not be Fresh Start or Sunday School that morning due to the Georgia Marathon.

Reception for the Jordan's

Immediately following worship on Sunday, March 18th, we will be hosting a reception in Carreker Hall for Dr. David Jordan and his family, officially welcoming them into our faith community! Please bring a note of encouragement and a gift card to your favorite Decatur restaurant and/or business. We want to welcome them with not only open arms, but blessings as well!

Help Immigrants Being Deported


Except for the clothes on their back, the majority of undocumented immigrants who are deported directly from detention centers to their homeland have absolutely nothing with them when they arrive back home. El Refugio, a ministry of hospitality and visitation serving immigrants detained at Stewart Detention Center, is collecting Carry-on Bags with shoes and pants to give to immigrants who are scheduled to be deported.

Please consider donating a bag with a pair of men's shoes sizes 8-10 and a pair of men's pants, size 32x34, which we will deliver to El Refugio and the Stewart Detention Center each time we visit. The maximum dimensions for carry-on bas are 9"x14"x22", including handles and wheels.

Bags are shoes can be delivered to Columbia Presbyterian Church. If no one is in the church office, the items may be left in the large bin located by the office door in the breezeway between the sanctuary and education building.

Or if you would prefer, Don Hammonds will receive the donations for you at FBCD. You can contact Don at dbh4@att.net.

Thank you for your help! Regardless of where you fall politically on this issue, this is about honoring and preserving the human dignity of individuals. 

Want to open your home to young adults?

young adult community

Want to open your home to young adults?

Our young adults here at FBCD recently started a community group for young professionals (25- 35 year olds). They’re looking for people willing to host their group once a month on Thursday evenings.

Ideally, the space would be wheelchair accessible, in the Decatur area, and large enough for about 10-15 people.

If you’re interested in hosting, please contact Matt Snyder at msnyder@fbcdecatur.com Thanks!

Preparing to Receive God's Grace – Verdery Counseling Center

counseling center

Lent: Preparing to Receive God’s Grace

Lent is a time of thoughtful preparation for receiving God’s grace. Perhaps you are currently in a place where receiving God’s grace feels uncertain.

A conversation with Verdery Counseling Center Director Monique Wischusen could help you with your own thoughtful living, and understanding how you might become more open to God’s grace.

FBCD’s Verdery Counseling Center has a special opportunity available for FBCD members during the Season of Lent. Contact Monique at 404-373-1653 to hear about this opportunity, and sign up at a special rate for a time of listening and sharing, to see how Monique may be able to help you.

Letter from Pastor David Jordan

Letters from Pastor David.png

Dear Members and Friends of First Baptist Church of Decatur:

I am honored and excited to be your new pastor. Meeting so many of you and being with you over the “Call Weekend” was exhilarating. The enthusiasm you allowed me to feel and the energetic joy so many of you exuded, offered Beth and me a small but vital window into the vast potential of First Baptist’s future.

We left from the thrill of the weekend’s time with you and quickly shifted to the very odd “betwixt and between” place we currently find ourselves. Back at Providence, we are in the midst saying thank you and goodbye as we share tender memories with the many people here we have come to dearly love these past fifteen years. While not easy, these are good and valuable moments we want to treasure. We are also so thankful that so many of these interactions contain acknowledgements from our friends: “we can see the joy on your face.” This reminds us and them how right all of this potential future in Decatur feels. 

Now, as we begin to prepare for our time together, several of us felt it might be helpful for me share this reminder about who I am and some of the influences that have shaped me. I am restating some of what I sent to you previously, but I do it with the hope that having met Beth and me in person, you might experience these words now with a little more perspective.

The enthusiasm you allowed me to feel and the energetic joy so many of you exuded, offered Beth and me a small but vital window into the vast potential of First Baptist’s future.
— David Jordan

I have been fortunate in my life to have been connected to fine people. My father and mother are first on that list. My dad was a pastor. From him, I learned the necessity of compassion, the need for wisdom, the importance of patience, the significance of hard work and the value of calm understanding. I saw every day as I was growing up, a man committed to sharing life with others in redemptive, hopeful and loving ways. I saw that following Jesus can be daunting and hard. And I began to realize that this difficult discipleship is part of why we need church; it is also what makes following Jesus so exciting and so potentially transformative for us all. 

From my mother I learned and continue to learn the power of prayer, the love of music, the importance of practice, the need for worship, the blessedness of nature, the fun of writing, the enjoyment of people, the zest for life and the excitement of Bible Study done well and with gusto. Her influence and support continue to motivate me. 

From my wife, Beth, I continue to learn how to be me more fully. She inspires me everyday to be better than I thought I could be. She is a talented and committed minister, an amazing musician, an avid reader, a loving mother, and an intensely loyal friend. Together, we challenge each other to think more deeply and to live more authentically. 

I also have been blessed with three very special children who have grown into fine adults. From the day each was born, they have challenged and taught me and expanded my capacity to love unconditionally. Chris (28) finished his masters degree in geography three years ago and now is a GIS analyst with a non-profit organization in Salt Lake City where he teaches U.S. Forest Service employees. Catherine (24) graduated from the University of North Carolina two years ago and is working in New York City at a fascinating non-profit school in Harlem called Harlem Academy. And Olivia (21) is a Senior at UNC with a double major in Global Studies and Political Science. She graduates in May and is in the midst of applying for internships, fellowships and career opportunities in the non-profit world. Each of them has influenced my life in countless, valuable ways. Being their father is one of great joys of my life. Together and as individuals, we love to hike, ski, garden, exercise, travel, make music, share stimulating books, go to engaging movies and enjoy good food. 

Finally, I am different and better today because God has graced me with a countless list of wise, generous, and faithful friends and church members. They also have blessed me over the years in more ways than I can calculate. In four different churches during my ministry I have benefitted from interactions and deepened bonds that nurtured me, challenged me, affirmed me and helped me to become a better person and pastor.

So this I know: thanks to all these relationships, my life is richer and more meaningful than I can adequately express. This is what church does. This is what church can be for more than just those of us reading this letter. In the neighborhoods surrounding FBC Decatur, scores of people just like you and me are wishing for a place to grow and learn to be better parents, spouses, workers and children. Each of us wants to love more deeply and care more fully, to know and to be known, to love and to be loved, and to have lives beautifully enriched because of the sacred interactions a place like First Baptist Decatur can facilitate. 

For me, my heart overflows with gratitude for all that is and has been. Now I eagerly anticipate what is yet to be. So as we prepare to be officially joined together in a few weeks, know that the power of faith, hope and love has never been more needed. Learning what it means to follow Jesus has never been more crucial. And fulfilling the calling of God’s church in today’s world has never been more necessary or more exciting. 

I look forward to being with you very soon, and I hope, for many years to come.

Sincerely and with great anticipation, 



Dr. David Jordan

PS: For more details of my life, perspectives and ministry, please visit my web site. You can also check out some of my published works by clicking here.

Announcing Our New Senior Pastor

Dr. David Jordan New Senior Pastor at FBCD

On Sunday, January 14, 2018, our congregation called Dr. David Jordan to become the next Senior Pastor at First Baptist Church of Decatur! 

Dr. Jordan is coming to us from Providence Baptist Church in Charlotte, North Carolina, where he serves as the Teaching Pastor. Prior to Providence, David served as a senior pastor at churches in North Carolina and Maryland. 

Dr. Jordan brings strong communication and teaching skills, a passion for ministry and pastoral care, and a rich history of community outreach both locally and globally. He is a caring and personable leader with the experience, vision, and energy necessary to lead our diverse community into impacting lives for the Kingdom.

Dr. Jordan’s first day behind the pulpit with us will be Sunday, March 11, 2018. Although we are eager for him to begin, we consider it a priority to lift him and his family up in prayer as they transition out of the community they are in and make the move to Decatur.

In the meantime, David invites you to visit his website and peruse his writings, listen to his sermons, and more. You can find links to those below:

Published Works

You can also follow David on Twitter here.

Join us in praising God, congratulating David, and covering this new chapter at FBCD in prayer!