Media Center


What’s in the Media Center for you?

We have 15,323 cataloged items! And you don’t have to be a church member to use the Media Center.  


We have books about our world, the latest fiction  bestsellers, non-fiction texts to help with Sunday School study, self-help books, history, biography, periodicals, large-print books, audio-books, and computers to look up stuff. Books we can’t use in our collection, we offer for sale.


We’re your children’s source for the latest  award-winners! Our volunteer staff includes people who know children’s books and recommend top fiction and non- fiction titles to put in our collection (pre-K—Young Adult). 

Decatur's Reading Community

The Library is an information source and cheerleader for book festivals (Decatur Book Festival) and author talks (Georgia Center for the Book, Conversations, local bookstores). We post calendars for  community book sales, book recommendations, interesting websites—all things BOOK.