Fall 2016 Koinonia Groups

Fellowship together, Fellowship with God

Koinonia Groups are inter-generational small groups of about 8-12 adults. "Koinonia" is a Greek word appearing in the Greek New Testament 19 times and is usually translated as "fellowship."

Koinonia groups will meet weekly for 8 weeks starting September 11, 2016 for conversation, prayer and fellowship. The theme and discussion material for the Groups is based on Acts 2:42-47. Groups will meet in homes or at church on various days of the week, with some groups sharing a meal together. Childcare will be provided for Wednesday night Groups meeting at the church, and may be available other days as needed. Ask for more information. Please let us know when you are available and we will assign you to a Group!

You may sign up at the church or sign up online here.

If you have any questions, please contact Gary Owen at 678-570-7265 or email.