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Our vision is to make the Kingdom of God evident to Decatur, Georgia (KOG2DGA). Why did Jesus come into the world?” In Matthew, Mark and Luke’s Gospels, Jesus says he’s come to declare that the Kingdom of God is way closer than we know. (Mark 1:14-15). In other words—God's intended future of peace, justice, joy and love was already showing up in the actual lives of everyday people, simply by his being present with them.

The Kingdom of God is a gift, not an assignment. God has already equipped God’s people here to make the Kingdom of God evident in this city we love. Our part is to bring our own particular gifts and abilities to our church and our community. The good news is that just by being, authentically, the people God has made each of us to be, we can express to our neighbors in Decatur how much God loves and celebrates each and every one. Start your journey of discovery here.


Please read here to learn about spiritual gifts and to see what you think your gifts may be. Also, it’s a good idea to give a copy to someone who knows you well and see how close that person’s assessment is to your own.


God works through our personalities to use the gifts God has given us. The Myers-Briggs is one easy way to learn something about yourself so you can make yourself more available to God.