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Here are stories about FBCD folks "doing something" in our world.
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Bill and Noy Peeler, on mission in Cambodia, share:

Mission Letter, November 2015
"The Family"

Mission Letter, October 2015

Mission Letter, September 2015
"Preah Bantuel"

Mission Letter, August 2015
"Mechanical Oxen"

Mission Letter, July 2015
"Beyond City Limits"

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"Mechanical Ox"

Educating about ebola in liberia

Jessy Togba-Doya returned from Liberia after a successful campaign to educate people in his target villages about how to avoid Ebola. Not a single case was reported in the area in which he worked.

Liberia Mission Plans Underway

Initial plans are being made for a mission to Liberia to work with Jessy Tigba-Doya in 2016. This will be a multi-church project. The date is to be determined. If you are interested in more information and potentially participating, please contact Gwen Cottrell at or 404-444-4779.

Justin's story of helping with ebola in liberia

Justin Williams works for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and shares his experience of helping with the Ebola crisis in Liberia. (Video from the Vimeo collection of the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship, a ministry partner of FBCD. More CBF videos here.)