Funerals and Memorial Services at First Baptist Decatur

Definition:  A funeral is a service at which the body is present. The burial, with or without a graveside service, usually occurs on the same day after the funeral service.

 At a memorial service, the body is not present, either because the burial has already taken place or because the deceased has been cremated. We have no reservations about holding memorial services for those who have been cremated. This is entirely up to the individual and the family.

Spaces at First Baptist Church

The sanctuary is the best location for a service at which the attendance is expected to be more than 100.

The chapel is a very nice setting for a service at which 100 people or fewer are expected.

The church parlor is a quiet space with comfortable furniture where the family assembles before the service. Sometimes a family will receive friends in the parlor either before or after the service.

Carreker Hall is a large space immediately below the sanctuary. This is usually the location of receptions in which food is involved. Please let us know as soon as possible if this is part of your plan. You may arrange for the food with our caterer, Steven Hall: 404-242-4206. Of course, a reception is not necessary. This is your choice. 


We do not charge for the use of our facilities for a funeral or memorial service. If you give our office staff sufficient notice, we are glad to provide a printed order of worship at no charge.

If you decide to have a reception, our caterer, Steven Hall, will give you a cost estimate ahead of time based on the kind and amount of food you desire. 
Our pastors are honored to serve you. A monetary gift is appreciated but not required.   

 If you’d like for our organist or pianist to provide music, please let the church know as soon as possible, as these musicians are not full-time church employees of the church. 
It is appropriate to compensate the musicians for their time and service.

If the service is held in the sanctuary it will be necessary to enlist the help of at least one person from our tech team. It is appropriate to compensate them for their time and service.

What happens in a funeral service?

When the funeral or memorial service is held in the church building, we emphasize that it has two purposes: to worship God and to celebrate the life of the deceased person. As in the case of any worship service, the officiating pastor needs to help with the decisions about what is read (other than Scripture), what kind of music is used, and how the service is conducted. If you’d like to play some favorite pop music, or have an “open mic” for memories about the deceased, this is always possible during the reception or other gathering after the worship service.

Funeral Policy

At this time, FBCD is only able to facilitate funerals for church members.