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Do you have something for parents too?

We certainly do. In fact, we believe strongly that you are your child's greatest asset when it comes to his or her own formation. That is why we attempt to partner with you in multiple ways to help you lead your child to a place committing his or her life to following God. You will find some practical resources below but please do not hesitate to contact us if you find yourself needing some direction or additional resources.

Parent Newsletter

The Parent Newsletter is published weekly. Click on the download button to view the Parent Newsletter archive. From there you can click on the desired edition to download.

Vibrant Faith at Home

Vibrant Faith at Home is an online resource that seeks to help empower and equip families of all ages and stages to:

  • Talk with each other about their Faith
  • Pray together in ways that are comfortable and comforting
  • Ritualize important moments
  • Reach out in service and support of others


Worship Tips

When it comes to worshiping with children in the larger context of the church family, it can often be a difficult task to find ways to engage children in such experiences.  Carolyn C. Brown has a blog site devoted to the inclusion of children in worship.  While many of the blogs may seem to more aimed at clergy who plan worship, there are many articles that can help you the parent be better equipped as you navigate the worship experiences with your child.  If you are serious about including your child in meaningful worship, then this is worth a visit.

Recommended Links


Ministry Matters


‘Family 'round the Table’ is a resource that provides your family with great ways to grow spiritually. The application is intended to guide parents in the creation of a meal, craft or game, Bible study and worship activity that are thematically linked to support the spiritual development of young children. ‘Family’ helps to connect parents and their kids in a family-based faith building experience right in their own home. ‘Family ‘round the Table’ provides everything you need to get started with fun and faith.

Click to get the app from itunes.


Books & Readings

Transforming Children into Spiritual Champions by George Barna
Revolutionary Parenting by George Barna
Parenting in the Pew by Robbie Castleman
Will our Children Have Faith? by John Westerhoff
Sticky Faith by Dr. Kara E. Powell & Dr. Chap Clark
Family — The Forming Center by Marjorie Thompson

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