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Sunday, November 11, 2018

Deacon council officers 2018

Chair – Darren Draper
Vice Chair/Chair Elect – Bill Neal
Treasurer – Roger Ozaki
Assistant Treasurer – Cecil Cannon
Clerk – Katie Kennedy
Assistant Clerk – Milton Brown

Damon Corn.jpg

Damon Corn

Serving through 2020

David Clark-Stuart.JPG

David Clark-Stuart

Serving through 2020

Jill Rhodes.jpg

Jill Rhodes

Serving through 2020

Charlie Hunter.png

Charlie Hunter

Serving through 2020

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Will Swinson

Serving through 2020

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Lou Ann Brown

Serving through 2020

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Joyce Garrett

Serving through 2020

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Jim Harrison

Serving through 2020

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Jenny McCurdy

Serving through 2020

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Carla Stanford

Serving through 2020


I have been actively involved at FBCD for a long time, having served as church clerk, preschool teacher/director, deacon, finance chair/vice chair, missions’ development committee chair, and Sunday School teacher. Currently I serve on the Clairmont Oaks Board. I have also been on several mission trips to Japan, Hawaii, and Africa. I am retired from Baptist Retirement Communities of Georgia. FBCD has been family to me. I hope FBCD will: reach out extensively to Decatur and beyond, accept that all persons regardless of age have a place and mission here, and rebuild a vibrant, God-led community of believers. I pray that I can be a part of FBCD’s future and participate in its growth and development. 
Serving through 2018

Kevin Benefield

Born in Gainesville, Georgia, Kevin grew up in a Southern Baptist church and accepted Christ as his savior as a child. He moved to Atlanta to attend Oglethorpe University and has lived in the city since. He has spent the bulk of his career at Atlanta magazine, where He currently works at Atlanta Magazine as editorial director for the custom media division and editor in chief of Southbound, the magazine's travel publication. Kevin joined FBCD in January 2011. He is a member of the Pilgrims Sunday school class and works on the sanctuary tech team. Kevin lives in the Grant Park/East Atlanta area with his dog, Macy.
Serving through 2019

cecil Cannon

I accepted Christ when I was twelve years old.  I was baptized at Second Ponce de Leon Baptist Church in 1950. I have been a member of Decatur First Baptist Church since the spring of 2011. Ann and I married in 1966. Ann passed away in 2010.  We had 43 years together. We adopted a son, Corey, and a daughter, Casey. Corey lives in Charlotte and Casey lives in Knoxville. I love the Fresh Start service. The fellowship in this service is awesome. There is so much energy at Fresh Start. Also, the Wednesday night supper and fellowship are not to be missed! I am concerned about our Church. God has great things in store for us if we will only follow his lead. Decatur is such a growing place. We need to reach out to our community in ways that we haven’t thought about. – Cecil
Serving through 2019

Darren Draper

Darren Draper and his wife Amber have been FBCD members for 10 years. He is a member of the Seeking the Kingdom Sunday School class.  Darren is an active participant in the FBCD Children's Ministry as well as a regular service volunteer.  They have two children, Graham (3) and Lilly (1) and live just north of Decatur. He is an owner of Epsten Group, an architecture and consulting firm, in downtown Atlanta. His background is in mechanical engineering. He enjoys spending time with his family, listening to podcasts, and finding reasons to go to Home Depot.
Serving through 2019


I grew up in and out of church most of my childhood. I attended non-denominational, Baptist, and Methodist churches.  That coupled with my upbringing made a lasting impression on me about what I thought church and being a Christian should be.  That impression along, with my amazing best friend and wife Amanda, is what has allowed us to call FBC Decatur home since our church-shopping ended in 2007. We are both committed to serving our church and community.  Most Sunday’s you can find me with our youth where the only real distinguishing characteristic between us is I have more grey hair.  My hope is that we as a church become even better examples of what being a Christian truly means.
Serving through 2018


My Christian pilgrimage has led me through growing up at FBC East Point through college, being baptized at age 9, and both part-time and full-time employment with the Home Mission Board over a period of 12 years. I became a member at FBC Decatur in 1988,  have taught Sunday School and served as Sunday School Director for more than 10 years, have served on the Deacon Council and been on numerous committees. I have been on the Multi-Media Committee forever. During the past year, I have worked on the Healing and Connectivity task force, and been on the Bylaws group. I have three children and ten grandchildren. To become the church we aspire to be will take all of us working together under God’s leadership.
Serving through 2018

June Gay

June cannot remember the first time she came to Decatur First Baptist Church but has a photo of her and her family in 1951 standing in the front of the church on one of many Sundays attending church under the leadership of Dr. Dick H. Hall, Jr.  First Baptist, then as it is now, serves as a pivotal part of her life. Her hope for DFBC is that we will develop our individual relationships with Jesus through stronger faith, continual prayer and active Bible study. Her prayer is that we will each support DFBC through our presence, our service and our gifts.
Serving through 2019

randall hampton

Randall was born in Chicago, IL and dedicated his life to Christ as a teen. He moved to Georgia nine years ago, and has been a member of First Baptist Church of Decatur for six years. As a follower of Christ he is called to love and serve both the church community and others, and each day he trys to live in just such a manner.
Serving through 2019


Though baptized as a youth in Williston, S.C., my true Christian maturity commenced when I met Kay at Furman University and we attended Taylors First Baptist. The 1987 move to Emory brought us to Smoke Rise Baptist Church and then to FBCD.  During this pilgrimage, I have taught Sunday School, been a deacon, served on finance committees, and have worked on many, many church budgets. I serve as Emory’s Vice President for Health Affairs. Kay and I have been married for 41 years. My son Ryan, his wife Kelly and my daughter Ivey have blessed us with five grandchildren—2 boys and 3 girls. I pray that God grant FBCD peace, understanding, healing, and a true commitment to furthering His Kingdom.
Serving through 2018

carol may

Growing up in a Christian family and in the First Baptist Decatur family, I made my profession of faith when I was eight.  I grew to love the Lord more as I studied the Bible and learned more of His promises for me.  He has been with me in times of sadness and joy, loss and triumphant, and fear and faith.  By attending and leading Bible studies and teaching Sunday school lessons, I have come to know more about God’s grace that is offered to all.  My passion is that all who enter our doors will receive the warmth of our fellowship and want to join us, as we say at FBD, to “experience God’s love and grace through a relationship with Jesus.”
Serving through 2019


I have been a follower of Jesus since an early age and was baptized at the age of 11 at First Baptist Church of Denton, Texas.  My family (Kris & Paxton) and I have been attending FBCD since 2009 and became members in 2013.  We searched for a church home for a long time. It was important to us to raise Pax in a church where he would encounter and learn about Jesus from faithful and joyful congregants. We have found something special within the walls of FBCD, a family of faith that spans generations and experiences. I am excited about our future and truly believe God is doing something special at FBCD. I pray that we will continue to shepherd in his desires for our church.
Serving through 2018

Bill neal

William (Bill) Neal retired in 2016 after a 45 year career in Baptist ministry, including campus ministry, religious journalism, and more recently as a proponent for people with developmental disabilities. He and his wife, Judy, have been members of FBC Decatur since 2004 and have been involved in many of the church’s ministries. He enjoys travel, reading, various hobbies, volunteer work at the church and elsewhere, and spending time with his four grandchildren.
Serving through 2019

tracy pondo

Tracy has attended FBCD for about 3.5 years. She has a 10-year-old daughter and works at the CDC as a statistician. She attends the Second Cup Sunday School class. She would like to help the church accept and welcome everyone who comes through our doors, especially people who are discouraged with other churches.
My prayer for Decatur First Baptist Church: May we experience the nurturing, forgiving and redeeming love of God in our worship and service, so that we may love one another, sometimes because of and sometimes in spite of who we are. – Tracy
Serving through 2019


I was born in a town in the north-west of England. My church was Ebenezer Baptist. I sang in the choir and taught Sunday school. My late husband was an Episcopalian, however, so we were married in his church in upstate New York and, when we came to Atlanta, I was confirmed at St Philip’s Cathedral. The Episcopal Church was never a particularly good fit for me and I was blessed to find a home here in this faith community in 1984. I sing in the choir and am involved with several of our missions.  It is my belief that we are called to be the light of Christ on this corner in Decatur. I hope our church will continue its outreach and welcome everyone into our fellowship.
Serving through 2018


My faith journey began in South Carolina with my Methodist family and shifted to the Baptist traditions when I was a young adult. I retired from AT&T (BellSouth, Cingular) in 2008 after 23 years as a manager in IT and Management Development. Decatur has been my home since 1986 where I have been an active community volunteer. Scott and I have been married for 17 years and joined FBCD in 2010. A member of the Pilgrims group, I chaired and currently serve on the Personnel Committee, coordinate Conversations at First Baptist, and serve on the Children’s Ministry Leadership team. May we honor our rich history by being intentional risk takers as we focus outward to engage our Decatur community.
Serving through 2018

todd smith

Todd and his wife Sarah have been members of FBCD since 2010 and attend the Seeking the Kingdom class. They have two sons Asher (3) and Ezra (6 months) who attend First School. Todd works as a microbiologist at CDC. The family enjoys traveling and outdoor activities.
Serving through 2019


I run an organization called Communities for Veterans which develops housing for homeless Veterans. An Air Force Veteran, I served as a Missile Launch Officer in North Dakota during the early 1970‘s and saw firsthand the issues facing Vietnam-era Veterans. My education includes degrees from LSU, the University of North Dakota, and Candler School of Theology, Emory University. I hold a Doctor of Ministry degree in Community Ministry from Candler. My professional career has been focused on non-profit, systemic responses to inadequate housing and endemic homelessness. Serving homeless Veterans has been a long-term goal and commitment. Currently, I am overseeing the development of eight homeless Veteran facilities on VA Medical Center campuses around the U.S.
My prayer for Decatur First Baptist Church: May we experience the nurturing, forgiving and redeeming love of God in our worship and service, so that we may love one another, sometimes because of and sometimes in spite of who we are.
Serving through 2018


I grew up attending church in Albany, Georgia and was baptized at the age of 12. I began singing in the adult choir at the age of 13 and have sung in the choir here at FBCD for over 30 years. I also played in the church orchestra while it was active. When I married Sally Beggs, who is a lifelong member, I began attending FBCD and have attended for over 47 years. I have been on the deaconate more than once and have served as Deacon chair as well as Personnel chair. My prayer for our church is for healing, a stronger lay leadership and a church where families and individuals will feel welcomed, safe and closer to God.
Serving through 2018

David Tyler_deacon_2016_website_180x216a.jpg


Having grown up in a Christian home, my faith has played a pivotal role for my entire life. My wife of 18 years, Lisa, and our children, Davis, Kate and Max have called FBCD our church home since we moved to Decatur three years ago. We are active and loyal in the life of our Church—through our prayers, our presence, our gifts and our service. We teach a Sunday School class made up of some of the most genuine people that I know, Journey. We serve God through the FBCD Youth Group, VBS, Hagar’s House, Journey Men’s Shelter, and by loving our neighbors in the Decatur community. My prayer is that our Church put aside all of our own personal, plans, agendas, and perspectives and become a place where the gospel of Jesus Christ lives, breathes and loves. There is work needed to improve the witness of Jesus Christ through FBCD—I look forward to getting about the task of doing it.
Serving through 2018

christina vanzant

I started my spiritual journey in 1980 at a church in Fort Wayne, Indiana. In 1984 my family moved to Atlanta Georgia where we found a church home. I became very active in the choir which taught me to not only attend but serve. I began attending FBCD several years ago after meeting a wonderful family that embraced my son and allowed him to ride to youth activities with their son Henry. The first time I walked through the doors of FBCD I felt I was home, from the welcome of Scott Pyron to the warmth of the Second Cup group. I found a church that allowed me to serve without being a "member" and that made my heart glad. I have been a member for years now and I continue to serve as much as I can and where ever I can. My prayer for our church is that every person that walk through those doors feel as welcomed as I felt that first day and as loved as I feel today.  –  Christina
Serving through 2019