CiT Program

Summer care for tweens and teens can be difficult — they’re too old for day camp, but you may still be slightly worried about leaving them alone with the tinfoil and microwave! We think this is a great opportunity for them to volunteer and learn a few life skills that will hopefully foster an interest in helping others and can provide excellent resume builders and connections for recommendations.

During the summer months, we select three to five CiTs per week depending on our enrollment; we keep our numbers low so that we can keep distractions for our CiT’s down and do our best to help them learn from their mistakes and congratulate them on successes!

See our Q&A below for more info, and if you  have questions just shoot us an email at!

Sooooooo, what exactly IS a CiT?

CiT stands for “Counselor in Training” — the program was formerly known as JC or “Junior Counselor” but we think that the “in training” is a pretty important part of this deal. While legally the CiTs are not responsible for the children in our care, they shadow the counselors to see what they do, take on some of the general chores and responsibilities that our staff has, and learn how to hang with the kids, run games, and set a good example.

What do you expect from your CiTs?

We expect our CiTs to be in attendance from 10-5 each day; they are more than welcome to come any time before or stay later, but since 10-5 is our “schedule zone” that’s when it’s important they be here. We expect them to follow the schedule made at the beginning of each day and to be proactive about assisting the counselors in their group. This means making sure that the kids are staying in line, grabbing equipment needed for activities, and helping with cleanup after activities, lunch, and snack. Tweens and teens are, of course, not known for their extensive attention spans so we try to help them keep on track, but we do expect applicants to do their best to be here and be present.

How old do CiTs need to be?

Because Ms. Meg is really bad at calculating ages, we just ask that applicants be a minimum of rising 8th grade. CiTs are welcome to continue applying until they graduate high school since we cannot hire anyone under the age of 18.

Sounds great! How do we apply?

We need the basic registration form as well as the application form; when it asks about past employment, try to think about babysitting jobs, internships at school, or volunteer opportunities! We ask that your hopeful CiT fill out as much of this application themselves since the idea is to help them get used to the job market. Each CiT will also need the CiT packet which lays out the rules and gives a contract for them to sign. Lastly, you (the parent) will need to fill out all of our paperwork packet! The state requires each and every piece of this for anyone under 18 at our Camp, so if the paperwork is not here your child can’t be either!