Bless the Change


On Sunday, David spoke about two often neglected characters in the Bible: Simeon and Anna. 

Both were further along in years than most, and as we learned, they were more or less disregarded by society around them.

But it didn’t stop Simeon and Anna from being perceptive to how God was moving around them.

They recognized where God was present in their midst (in Jesus, specifically), and blessed and gave honor to what was to become as a result of it.

It made me think a lot about how hesitant I am to change. Sometimes I grow incredibly anxious when something new is introduced in my life, especially when it disrupts my comfort.

But a major takeaway from Simeon and Anna’s seasoned wisdom is that sometimes change is the result of the work of God in our world. The question is whether I’m going to resist it or bless it. One will make me miserable, while the other affords me the opportunity to partner with God in what God wishes to do today.

Who are the Simeon and Annas in your life? Who can you learn to “see” from? And how is God moving in your world today?


Matt Snyder is a thirty-something writer and Director of Communications at First Baptist Church of Decatur. You can read more of his writing at